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Make More Money Honey

Cashi streamlines your payment processing so you get paid

Cashi customers’ chances of getting paid are twice the industry average

Whether you’re a subscription guru or just getting your feet wet in the gateway world, Cashi’s customized payment solutions will make it easier for you and your customers. Plus, our support team is happy to help answer any questions that you have along the way.

Grow your business with Cashi’s 100% cloud-based service

Faulty payments are the worst, and you’ll lose customers from it. Someone had to say it! Take control and gain more approvals with Cashi’s AI to get your dollars dancing.

Cashi is a secure payment gateway provider

We don’t want to brag but...

You can do all of this in one place.

  • Cashi increases electronic fund transfer process

    Decrease failed payments

  • Cashi's payment gateway keeps customer information secure

    Secure payment gateway

  • Cashi provides lowest processing costs for recurring payments

    Automated batch processing for lowest processing cost

  • Cashi offers flexible payment solutions for subscription companies

    Maximize cash flow

  • Cashi's web-based software reduces declined payments for subscription businesses

    ACH or credit card processing

Customers Stay Woke

Subscriber Engagement

Connect with your customers online and allow them to subscribe, manage or make a payment anytime, anywhere with fast, easy, credit card processing.

Reach thousands of subscribers simultaneously with the click of a button!

Keep your customers on board by regularly engaging with them. Updating your customers at the right time significantly influences their decision to stay with your subscription services.

Cater messages for each customer

  • Send customized billing messages
  • Collect funds due
  • Update subscriber information
  • Send out surveys
  • Service updates, weather-related announcements, and other news
  • Make payments in real time through the automated system

Nice People Saying Nice Things About Us

Sherlock Holmes Has Nothing on Cashi

Detailed Reporting

Keep tabs on all of your subscriber transactions with our payment gateway. Easily find anything you need to know such as what payments have been processed or when they will be paid out. You can search by dates, transaction ID, member number, and more.

Our reports are super detailed and allow you to see a snapshot of all activity regarding your transactions, which gives you tools to collect payments even better. That way, you can focus on keeping customers happy and reduce your stress.

Cashi speeds up subscription payment processing time

It’s like payment-schedule yoga - OM!

Recurring/Flexible Payment Solutions

Everyone likes convenience. That’s why people sign up for a subscription service in the first place! Cashi makes it easy on BOTH the consumer and business with our recurring payment solutions. The majority of our services are done behind the scenes with little to no involvement from you or the customer!

An advantage to using Cashi’s payment gateway is the ability to schedule payments customized for each customer. Simply set a billing date, and our automated software handles the rest. If you’re using another payment gateway have no fear. Our software can integrate with it!

Destiny's Child said it best:
"Bills, Bills, Bills"

  • Manage recurring payments with Cashi

    Security is cool

    PCI Compliant

    Online subscriptions, monthly recurring payments, and scheduled payments online are CNP (card not present) processed. Cashi makes sure you’re covered when CNP transactions are processed to protect you against fraud or failed payments.
  • Cashi is a secure online payment gateway

    "Pays" well with others

    Cashi API

    If our API had a personality, you could say it’s an extrovert. Our web services API allows for simple integration to existing systems. Make a friend, and integrate your application with Cashi.

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