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Product Billing & Payments

Keep the Money Coming with Cashi

Reduce failed payments, and process authorized transactions faster

Holla for the Dolla

Payment recovery

Recover over 80% of failed transactions and sustain your customers for the long haul. Cashi tailors solutions using customized retry schedules and delivers the highest failed payment recovery rates in the industry. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Studies found that up to 22% of your customer base can be lost each month due to failed payments (not cool). For 22 years, we have used our data algorithms to achieve the highest success rate in the industry. Reduce failed payments and increase monthly revenue with Cashi. Ask about our free demo!

Cashi collects funds due to increase revenue

Rake in the revenue and gain more approvals

  • Fast recovery with 80% success rate
  • Intelligent cloud-based technology
  • Superior customer service

With no hassle needed on you or your customer’s part, Cashi makes things a lot easier for your business.

Sorry, Biggie. More money = less problems.


We’ll let you in on a little secret, we specialize in EFT collections

Cashi decreases the amount of failed subscriber payments with EFT (electronic funds transfer) collections. However, if you do experience an ACH return or declined EFT, Cashi handles it all while minimizing you and your customers’ involvement. You have ample time to focus on business with the our recurring payments processing system in place. 
  • 2x the industry average win rate
  • Real-time ROI analytics with saving projection
  • Fast onboarding & secure integration with our our recurring payment processing app
Cashi's secured payment gateway processes more successful payments

Smooth sailing for you and your customers

Automatic account updater

The best way to avoid failed payments is to keep customer data up to date. And with our subscription billing software, you have nothing to worry about. This is crucial for reducing card declines, improving efficiency, and maximizing cash flow to grow your business.

Proactive solutions to avoid a failed payment

30% of cardholders will experience a change in their payment within a year. Maintaining accurate customer data is one of the biggest challenges subscriber-driven businesses face today. With Cashi, your subscriber records will always be current and accurate without any extra effort. Less downtime processing payments means more monthly revenue for you.

Expired, lost, stolen, or invalid card information – oh my!

Serving as an automated, secure software-based solution, Automatic Account Updater eliminates payment issues by delivering account information in a timely, effective manner.

We’ve Got Friends In High Places

We’ve teamed up with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and others to electronically maintain the accuracy of your customers’ credit card information for subscription businesses.

Ease of Seamless Account Updating

The automation resolves the need to reach out to a customer every time there is a change to their card. Subscribers are less likely to cancel if they don’t have to deal with the hassle of phone calls or emails every time their card changes. YAY!

We go to bat for you

Dispute managemnet

Prevent 50% of future chargebacks

Our analyst gurus and fancy robots reduce chargebacks to protect your livelihood. If there is an issue, we dispute chargebacks on your behalf to help refund your money.

We’ve broken it down

  • Cashi for secure subscription payment solutions
    1. Make a discovery call
  • Cashi payment collections software
    2. Set up account access and integration
  • Cashi for subscription billing collections
    3. Go live
  • Cashi solves subscription payment challenges
    4. Evaluate your ROI in real-time

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