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WISMOlabs and Cashi Partner to Help Subscription Box Retailers Increase Customer Loyalty and Drive More Revenue

October 8, 2020

Cashi and WISMOlabs Partner to Help Subscription Businesses Increase Customer Loyalty and Drive More Revenue

Now customers can preserve and protect cash flow with Cashi’s intelligent payment processing and WISMOlabs post-purchasing experience.

Cashi, the intelligent payment processing system for subscription businesses has entered into a partnership with WISMOlabs, the leading post purchasing customer experience platform.

“WISMOlabs and Cashi working together is a win-win for customers in the subscription and membership market,” says WISMOlabs CEO and founder Dmitri Rassadinke. “Our customers both rely on our collective intelligence to drive growth. The combination of Cashi’s payment solutions and the strategic marketing tools WISMOlabs offers will grow businesses and keep subscribers engaged to increase average subscriber lifetime.”

Cashi and WISMOlabs partnership will offer businesses unique tools to build trust and security with their subscribers. The leading AI capabilities that only eCard and WISMOlabs have delivers an exclusive service together.

“We are excited to combine WISMOlabs exceptional post-purchasing experience with Cashi’s intelligent payment processing to deliver a service that will increase revenue and retention rates for our customers.” said Craig Millius CEO of Cashi.

This partnership is a perfect fit that will propel subscription businesses even further with a more efficient and effective process from running a payment to owning the post-sale experience. Acquiring a new subscriber is a great way to improve the bottom line, but retaining subscribers is key to increasing revenue, and that is exactly what this partnership will accomplish.

To learn more about Cashi’s intelligent payment processing click here.

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