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Intelligent Payment Processing for Subscription-Based Companies

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Increase revenue. Retain subscribers. See growth.

It's kinda catchy, it's a little flashy, it's Cashi.

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Recover over 80% of failed payments

Real talk: Acquiring a new subscriber can cost 4x more than retaining an existing subscriber. Don’t lose your customers due to a payment issue. Cashi increases your revenue by ensuring subscriber card data is up to date. This subscription payment processing software is here to end your recurring problems with business transactions.

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Next-level Subscription Payment Services

Higher customer retention and reduced churn cycles while increasing average customer lifetime.

Cashi’s automated bill payment processing proprietary software is built to protect your revenue stream. Our proactive solutions reduce involuntary churn and increase subscriber retention.

Cashi provides leading-edge collections

Catch Your Cash

Prevent & Recover Failed Payment Transactions Faster

Maximize subscriber credit card transactions in less time. We analyze why a payment failed and resolve the issue. Our business credit card payment processing software ensures your resolved transactions will stay resolved over the long term & prevent issues in the future.

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Subscription payment solutions with Cashi

Burn The Churn

Increase Average Customer Lifetime

Reduce churn cycle; Cashi’s subscription-based payment processing ensures that the highest possible percentage of transactions are successful and that you stay engaged with not only your customers but that they stay engaged with your services and products offered.

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Increase subscribers with Cashi

Members Like Whoa

Higher Subscription Retention Rates

Cashi’s subscription payment processing ensures your customers have up-to-date credit cards and sufficient funds in their accounts when it’s time to process their recurring payments. Our intelligent online bill payment platform increases your retention rates by avoiding unnecessary payment disruptions.

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So Pro, You Won't Even Know

90% of our services are done “behind-the-scenes” meaning Cashi’s algorithm determines optimal payment processing schedules, and will retry cards without ever having to notify the subscriber.

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Business Savvy With Cashi

Do more for your business with Cashi subscription management software. It’s more than just a recurring payment solution. You will acquire more customers, process and recover payments with success, enhance customer retention, reduce churn and expand revenue to improve overall operations.

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Processes authorized transactions faster with Cashi

Subscription Management

Our intelligent payment processing platform allows subscription-based businesses to maximize cash flow with reliable, leading-edge solutions.

Retain members with Cashi's software

Payment Recovery

Recover failed payments faster. For one reason or another issues can arise, but that doesn’t have to mean losing a customer. We have the highest recovery rates in the industry to sustain your customer lifetime.

Cashi recovers outstanding debt

Automatic Account Updater

Our automatic account updater proactively and effortlessly keeps customer data up-to-date to avoid declined payments due to expired, lost, stolen or invalid card information. Cashi decreases your risk of losing revenue by ensuring subscriber card data is up to date.

Cashi speeds up cash flow for subscription businesses

Subscriber Engagement

Reach out, stay connected & engage subscribers faster and easier with the click of a button! Our web-based subscription-based management system can automatically contact subscribers via phone, text, or email.

Cashi collects and reduces chargebacks

Payment Rescue

Failed transactions slow down your business’s cash flow. Cashi handles your declined EFT collection activities without your involvement preventing the customer from discontinuing their subscription.

Set up automatic recurring payments with Cashi

PCI Compliance

Cashi provides secure online transactions and ensures payments are protected to eliminate fraud or credit card schemes.

Cashi solves subscription payments bouncing

Flexible Payment Schedules

Set a date, bill, and bill again. We offer customized payment options for automatic recurring payments

Cashi ensures you get paid if a payment fails

Dispute Management

Track and resolve issues faster with Cashi's subscription payment services. We dispute chargebacks on your behalf and help you prevent 50% of future chargebacks.

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